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Communication during a RHoK Event

RHoK organizers will where many hats during an event. Once the hackathon kicks off one of the most important roles the local lead will play is that of communicator. Below are is a list of some of the communications channels that will need to be either handled by the event organizer or delegated to a volunteer prior to the event.
Due to the marketing and advertising done prior to the hackathon it is likely some form of mainstream media will cover the event. Typically this coverage will take the form of local newspaper or TV. It is customary for reporters to notify you ahead of time that they will be attending. However, be prepared with a few talking points just in case. Remember to thank the local sponsors and hacking community.
If you are contacted prior to the event by a reporter and would like more guidance or a quote from one of the RHoK founding partner organizations please contact
Local leads are also asked to help hackers and Subject Matter Experts break into teams. Often attendees will need some level of assistance either finding a problem definition or conversely, matching a team with someone with a specific skill set. Organizers are encouraged to take an active role in the time between the SME briefing and the start of coding. We suggest you walk around the groups to learn of any gaps they may need to fill. Also keep an eye out for people looking to join a group but may need some assistance with an introduction.
Organizers are also asked to either manage the social media and streaming aspects of the event or to delegate that task to a trusted volunteer. A list of all of the social media channels used during RHoK events can be found in chapter 6.
Above all else, RHoK organizers are asked to stay in contact with the Operational team periodically during the event. This quick Skype check in’s will consist of reporting on the hacks being worked on at each location and reporting issues need the attention of the Operational partners. These calls are also great ways to ensure teams working on the same problem definition in different locations are able to collaborate.