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Follow Up

A successful RHoK event can be a launching point for continued work on problem definitions and hacks with the potential to be taken to the next level. In the past, hacks born at RHoK have gone on to be deployed by Subject Matter Experts, used as prototypes for paid development and hackers have been hired by companies and organizations with a special interest in a solution. While most attendees at RHoK events are not able to devote a large amount of time to hacking on their solutions after the RHoK event, we recommend that organizers anticipate helping the local RHoK community continue work if they are willing/able. A few simple tasks can help solidify the local community, move hacks closer towards success and make planning future RHoK events easier. 
Follow Up: 1 Week 
  • Fill out the post-event survey for leads sent the day after RHoK
  • Write a blog post about how everything went at your event.
  • Send a thank you email to your sponsors.
Follow Up: 1 Month 
  • Host a hacker meet-up at a local community space, university, restaurant, bar, etc. where the RHoK community can get together and report on how their hacks are progressing (between 1 and 2 months out)
  • Connect with the RHoK community manager to debrief and share lessons learned
  • Maintain contact with the Subject Matter Experts and Hackers to hear how their projects are going. 
Follow Up: 2 Months – 4 Months 
  • Keep the RHoK community informed about local hackathons, meet-ups and events that may be opportunities to move work forward on their projects.
  • Tweet about how projects are doing from your local RHoK Twitter account.
  • Let the RHoK Community Support Manager know about really promising hacks that could use support.