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RHOK Ground Rules

We have a few simple but firm rules for organizing a RHoK event:

  1. You must raise your own funding for your event. Core partners do not provide financial support to events. You may independently approach local offices of RHoK partners to request in-kind support such as event space, but not for financial support.
  2. You may not use the event to make money for yourself, or to raise funds for other organizations or projects. The RHoK founders, sponsors and event organizers cannot use the events to make money. If there is money leftover after an event, it must be given to a non-profit charity or returned to the sponsors.
  3. Your event must focus on problems related to international development, humanitarian work or social good. RHoK events are not appropriate venues for solving problems that are related only to the political policy (domestic or foreign), financial, marketing or public engagement goals of any organization or governmental body. 
  4. Please use the RHoK website to organize your event - it will give you all the tools you need. You are encouraged to blog about the event on your own site, but all communications should direct people to your event listing on the RHoK website. If you do use a third party site for your event organization, you must:
    1. Have a full description of your event on the RHoK site in addition to your external site
    2. Include all problem definitions and hacks worked on a t your event on the RHoK site
    3. Put an RSS feed of your external blog on your RHoK site event page
    4. Use RHoK site event registration system
    5. Include your RHoK event logo on your external site
  5. You can’t mislead the people by saying that Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, NASA or The World Bank are sponsoring your event or using their names and logos. You can’t use the core partners logos anywhere at your event or on your communications, outside of approved text provided by the partners explicitly for your event. The RHoK core team partners sponsor the RHoK platform and Main Stage Events only.
  6. Local offices of RHoK core partners may offer only event hosting space. You may not request local offices of core partners to provide financial sponsorship.
  7. Almost anyone can sponsor a RHoK event, except organizations who deal in the following:
    1. Weapons/ammunition
    2. Tobacco/cigarettes
    3. Adult-oriented products/services
    4. Prohibited by US government (like embargoed countries)
    5. Related to illegal activities in the US or the country of the event.
  8. You may only use approved event names and logos. Global events are named using the convention of RHoK [City Name] (e.g. “RHoK Bangalore”).  An event logo will be provided for each event, which you may use in promoting the event. You may not use the main RHoK logo.