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Sustainability Partners

RHoK in June 2012 has a new addition: sustainability partners. While this is still in its early stages, sustainability partners are organizations that will be offering mentorship and support to projects that have a high potential for impact and success in the real world. These partners will contact projects that they wish to sponsor in the days and weeks following the RHoK event. Remember that this is a completely optional component for the teams involved and if they do not wish to receive support and mentorship, they do not have to.
In this initial edition of the sustainability partnership, Geeks Without Bounds ( will be viewing every final presentation they can. They will then pass on projects that they feel are effective and potentially impactful to the other sustainability partners.
A vital component to giving the teams at your event the chance for a sustainability mentor is to make sure that the final presentations on the second day of the event are streamed live on Ustream or a similar live video streaming method.
Another important component is to publicize the time of your event presentations in advance to the RHoK global organizers so proper attention can be given to each event’s set of presentation.