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Anti-Harassment Policy

The Random hacks of kindness is an open community working towards solving humanitarian issues.  It is a community of innovation and openness. We believe in the concept of equality and diversity. We believe that every human being deserves respect irrespective of caste , creed , color, nationality , sex and religion.

Sustainability Partners

RHoK in June 2012 has a new addition: sustainability partners. While this is still in its early stages, sustainability partners are organizations that will be offering mentorship and support to projects that have a high potential for impact and success in the real world. These partners will contact projects that they wish to sponsor in the days and weeks following the RHoK event.

Follow Up

A successful RHoK event can be a launching point for continued work on problem definitions and hacks with the potential to be taken to the next level. In the past, hacks born at RHoK have gone on to be deployed by Subject Matter Experts, used as prototypes for paid development and hackers have been hired by companies and organizations with a special interest in a solution.

Communication during a RHoK Event

RHoK organizers will where many hats during an event. Once the hackathon kicks off one of the most important roles the local lead will play is that of communicator. Below are is a list of some of the communications channels that will need to be either handled by the event organizer or delegated to a volunteer prior to the event.


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