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Once you have received your License to RHoK you will be given administrative access to an Eventbrite registration page located in the Events section of the main RHoK website. We encourage you to include links to this page in all your outreach activities. Encourage people to register for the event in advance so you will be able to find an appropriately sized location and meet the connectivity and refreshments requirements. 

Pre-Event Social Meetings

Experience has shown that it is helpful to get the hackers together before RHoK events to meet some of the Subject Matter Experts, start thinking about problems they might like to work on and begin forming teams.  These pre-hackathon meetings are also a great place to find volunteers to help you with logistical issues that may arise during the event. 

Who to Approach for Funding

The responsibility to organize RHoK events falls entirely to the local leads. This includes fundraising.  Over the years we have found funding to be one of the most daunting aspects of organizing an event. The chapter below offers some helpful hints that may aid you through this process.

Potential Costs to Consider

Planning a hackathon is hard work, but also very rewarding. The effort put into creating a smoothly run event will result in greater numbers projects developed, which in turn makes your local community stronger and more effective at making change One of the goals of a hackathon organizer is to take care of all logistical concerns associated with planning an event so the participants can focus solely on developing solutions. 


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