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Media Outreach

It is suggested that RHoK organizers contact the local media a few weeks prior to the Global RHoK event to ensure coverage. Sample press releases will be circulated to local lead teams at least four weeks before the hackathon.  Share those press releases with your local media outlets (press, TV and online media) and invite them to cover the event.  You may need to translate the press release into your local language.  

Hacker and Developer Outreach

Successfully advertising your RHoK event is another challenging element of the planning process. Effectively getting the word out to developers, Subject Matter Experts and the local media is essential to the success of the event. The following chapter will outline promoting your RHoK event to different target groups. 

Subject Matter Expert Outreach

RHoK strongly recommends that organizers make every attempt to have Subject Matter Experts on hand at the event. Having a few SME’s attend the event provides hackers with clarity about the problem definitions and proof that the work they are doing will have a real impact in the world. Additionally, having local SME’s on hand at the event allows the hacks coming out of RHoK to be locally relevant.


Swag designs for T-shirts, water bottles and laptop stickers are available to local leads for printing locally at your own cost.


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