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Lisha Sterling

Lisha Sterling
Wearer of Many Hats

Lisha is the executive director at Geeks Without Bounds. Her first RHoK event was in San Francisco in 2012, and she's been hooked ever since. When the previous Global Coordinator, Thea Aldrich who had worked at SecondMuse, was looking for someone to take over support of the RHoK community worldwide, Lisha jumped on the chance to offer GWOB's expertise in humanitarian hackathons and supporting the growth and sustainability of open source projects for the job.

She assists Chinmayi in coordinating the Global RHoK Weekends and working with organizers and facilitators to help ensure successful local, subject specific events throughout the year. She also organizes and facilitates several hackathons per year in different venues.

She gives talks and workshops about the value of hackathons in education and in developing a robust community of volunteers for open source projects. You can also hear her rail against the subversion of hackathons from volunteer opportunities into high-pressure competitions. Her motto regarding hackathons is "Colaboration is greater than competition." She loves seeing the way that some projects have returned to Global Weekends year after year to draw in new volunteers and re-engage people who contributed to their work in previous events.