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RHoK Communities

Random Hacks of Kindness is more than just the global coordination team. We are an open community, with groups around the world. In some places, the teams who have organized RHoK events at different cities in a single country or region have banded together to create local RHoK organizations to help with fundraising, coordinate work on challenges across neighboring sites, or to meet specific challenges.

Format of RHoK Events in Communities :

The local communities are independent in functioning, though the format of RHoK events is based on the global definition of RHoK Events.  

Global RHoK does not control or manage these local communities, but we do collaborate with them whenever and wherever possible.


RHoK Australia  


Is a community based of australia formed in 2011. The community conducts events around australia and have regular events at Sydney , Melbourne and  Brisbane.


RHoK India

Is a registered trust which supports RHoK activities in India . It was formed in 2015 and has supported RHoK events in Bangalore, Mysore and Goa so far.


RHoK Jr.

Website :

Is a nonprofit corporation which works with children from 4th to 8th grades . RHoK Jr conducts these events with mentors from various fields and kids  to create solutions for the various problems in the world.