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RHoK events draw the best and brightest hackers (curious and inventive people) from around the world to spend a weekend developing technology for humanitarian causes. By organizing a RHoK event, you can help build the platform so that many others to volunteer their time to make a difference. RHoK facilitates two types of events: RHoK Global Events and RHoK Community Events RHoK Global Events happen twice per year, simultaneously in many cities around the globe. They are typically 2 day weekend events that feature a high level of coordination by the RHoK core partner team. These events are focused on all forms of hacking for social good. RHoK Community Events are entirely community-planned RHoK events that can happen any time throughout the year. These can be focused on hacking for humanity along a particular theme (e.g. RHoK Water or RHoK Education), or in a particular geographic area (e.g. RHoK Kenya or RHoK California ). To organize a RHoK event you need a license. Anyone, anywhere in the world is eligible to apply to organize an event. No one is permitted to use the RHoK brand in any way for an event without a license issued by RHoK. A license is good for a specific event on a specific date. Before getting a license Understand what you need to consider Read the rules Check if there is already a local chapter holding the event ‚Äč Getting a license to RHoK Submit your application   Event Planning Guidelines Event planning Kit
The RHoK events are open to participation for everyone wanting to contribute to building solutions to humanitarian issues.   Who should  participate in RHoK ? Anyone with interest to use technical or design skills for social good. Anyone who collaborate with local organizations and experts to create impact in your community. Anyone who wants to learn about new technologies and socio-economic challenges. Or if you want to meet new people in a collaborative environment where you get to actively contribute and work together on meaningful projects.